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Sample and Prototype Sale - Watercolor Boxes & Sketchbooks

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When I make new laser items I have my samples I use for photographing or for testing out designs. Sometimes they are perfectly fine, but I have the personalization as "Mrs. Hand Painted" or I have tweaked the design a little so the final product I sell in my shop is a little bit different.

The items for sale on this listing are the samples I have on hand and I am offering them at a deep discount. There will no personalization available on these items. They are sold as is. Any paints or watercolor pans shown in the pictures are NOT included and are for demonstration purposes only. 

Items available (limited to one of each shown). No returns or exchanges for these items. Sales are final on all items in this listing. Any imperfections to the items are listed below.

Bee Creative Hexagon Palette Box - Maple - Perfect condition - sample for photos

Floral Doodle 4x4 Palette Box - Walnut (magnets have excessive glue on inside - cosmetic imperfection does not affect functionality)

Floral Doodle 3x6 Palette Box - Maple - Perfect condition - was sample for photos

Floral Doodle 4x6 Palette Box - Maple - (extra glue around magnets - I tried to sand the outside edge and stain it black so some of the stain got on the inside edges of the wood - was testing out other methods of finishing - cosmetic imperfections only does not affect functionality)

Poppy flower sketchbook - Maple - 20 sheets Fluid 100 watercolor paper - Perfect condition - sample for photos

Postcard Size Plein Air Box - Maple with Mandala - (had a small change to design to add additional layer to get lid to close more flat so there is a small gap in the lid and hinge side. Engraved with Mrs. Hand Painted on the top of the box, also tested engrave setting on top of box so the mandala artwork is slightly imperfect)

Plein Air Palette Box - Cherry with Mandala - Prototype design before I added the extra 1/8" layer to get the lid to close more flat. Small gap on hinge side of lid. No personalization. 

Plein Air Palette Box - Cherry with Mandala - Prototype design with no hinge closure - only magnets. No notch for inner board to sit upright. Engraved with Mrs. Hand Painted on top. Some sun fading on the finish of the wood - cosmetic imperfection.

Watercolor Palette Boxes

There are several new sizes and styles of watercolor palette boxes available now. Check out the new succulent engraving designs on these new boxes!

Coordinating sketchbooks and trinket trays feature the same artwork engravings.