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About Mrs. Hand Painted

Welcome to Mrshandpainted.  I’m Jodie Hand a.k.a. Mrs. Hand. 

I really began painting with watercolors in the Spring of 2019.  I have two young children and this is the way I relax at the end of the day.  I started getting frustrated with the quality of the paints I was using.  They were not pigmented enough for me and were full of preservatives to make them stretch further.   Frankly…they sucked so I started creating my own in the Summer of 2020.  Mrs Hand Painted watercolor paints are mulled by hand in small batches on a glass slab from pure pigment and my own homemade watercolor medium. I use artist grade pure pigments for the majority of my paints.  Trust me… you will see the difference!

I’ve expanded since then into wood laser cut home decor, custom engraved palettes & sketchbooks, and more! 

While I am the face of my business and the artist who created everything, I couldn’t do it without my right-hand man, Eric.  He helped my move by hobby into a thriving business.  We will be married for 11 years in August 2023 and without his amazing support I never could have grown my business to what it is today. Eric is also my behind the scenes business partner and often helps me wrapping paints, packing orders, building things for me and helping me out with in person events.  So, in a way, we are Mr. & Mrs. Hand Painted.

I hope you take time to peruse my site and then take time to find your inner artist.  I promise that you will find it fun, relaxing and so rewarding.

Jodie Hand ~ Mrs. Hand Painted

Coming Soon

Restock of 50's Diner Watercolor collection coming soon!

Iowa State themed decor items, new fall and christmas laser cut decor and laser files.

New paint sets in the works too!

Restocks of Tropic Like it's Hot, Boho Chic, Fantasea and Iowa Prairie sets coming soon!