Now Offering Laser Engraving Files for Lake Maps!

Now Offering Laser Engraving Files for Lake Maps!

I've been asked a few times if I sell my lake map files, but I have only done one file for someone in the past. I am still not going to offer any of the Iowa lakes as files for the foreseeable future as I want to retain exclusive selling of my designs on Iowa Lakes. I am however going to list some of the out of state lakes I have already done for customers for other laser makers to use. 

I've slowly started adding the lake map files to a new section of laser file downloads on my site. You can find them here: Digital Laser Files - Lake Maps

Here are a few of the lakes I have available so far:

East / West Rush Lake, MN

Indian Lake, OH

Lake Osakis, MN

Lake Charlevoix, MI

Ten Mile Lake, MN

I also have a custom request listing to request any lake you would like me to make the file for. You can find it here.

I have also listed a file you can purchase of freshwater fish species illustrations as well as a file of different map elements. I will update the file if I ever add any additional icons to my collection. These will come in handy for adding personalization to existing map files.

I really enjoy making the maps and each one presents it's own unique challenges. Sometimes, they are easy to convert over to a laser file by simply making adjustments to an existing .pdf file. Other times I can only find drawings from the 1970's which I have to hand trace over on my iPad because they are too grainy to trace in Illustrator. 

Nonetheless, I look forward to offering my services in creating lake map files. I will list any out of state lakes I have made already and make them available to my fellow laser makers to create for their local markets.


Jodie Hand

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