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Handmade Watercolor Paint Set - TROPICAL COLORS "Tropic Like It's Hot"

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This set is a perfect basic watercolor set for someone who wants to mix colors and use a few convenience shades to paint bright watercolor artwork. It includes 10 different matte watercolor of artist grade pigments. Each color has a fun tropical themed name as well! 5 of the colors are single pigments including 3 primary colors you can mix. There is also a single pigment brown and violet to use in mixes. The other 5 colors are blends of different pigments, their information is listed below.

I am currently making more of this set's colors so if it shows one size is out of stock, please send me a message - I am currently working on making more batches which are usually ready in 1-2 weeks. I will try to keep this set stocked.

This set will initially be available in mini sample, deluxe sample pans (metal eyeshadow type pans), quarter pans and half pans sizes.

🎨Handmade Watercolor Item Description🎨

🎨This listing is for a specified set of handmade watercolor paint. Available in half pans and deluxe sample size pans! 10 total colors, all matte watercolor!

🎨This color is:

Color: Orchid
Pigment Color Index Name: PV19 (Quinacridone Violet)

Color: Hibiscus
Pigment Color Index Name: PR179 (Perylene Red)

Color: Pink Lemonade
Pigment Color Index Name: PY83, PR122, PW6

Color: Mango
Pigment Color Index Name: PY154, PV19, PW6

Color: Tiki Room
Pigment Color Index Name: PBr7 (Burnt Sienna USA)

Color: Lagoon
Pigment Color Index Name: PB15:1 (Phthalo Blue RS)

Color: Mermaid
Pigment Color Index Name: PB15:3, PY154

Color: Kiwi
Pigment Color Index Name: PY151, PG7

Color: Lemon Lime
Pigment Color Index Name: PY154, PB29

Color: Pineapple
Pigment Color Index Name: PY109 (Isoindole Yellow)

Pure pigment powder, artist grade
Distilled water
Organic gum arabic
Kosher food grade vegetable glycerin
Pure Iowa honey from Ebert Honey in Lynnville, Iowa
Clove oil

🎨Mrs. Hand Painted watercolor paints are mulled by hand in small batches on a glass slab from pure pigment and my own homemade watercolor medium. Generally, I use artist grade pure pigments for the majority of my paints. Many are single pigments and the pigment information is provided. If the paint is made with mixtures or contains other ingredients, it will be listed on the color information. The color of the watercolors may vary under the settings of your screen.

🎨Each watercolor pan is filled to the top and then dried. Some colors are prone to slight cracking in the pan, please rest assured this does not affect its usability or its properties on paper. Different pigments shrink slightly as they dry in the pan to varying degrees, but all pans have been filled the same way. Consistency of the paint differs between pigments. When receiving your paint, I advise letting them set in the freezer for about 10 minutes, as the tops of the pan may become sticky when exposed to any humidity during shipment. This will allow you to remove the foil wrapping around each pan with ease.

🎨Many of my paints are single pigment colors and the majority are lightfast. Non-lightfast colors or colors comprised of more than one pigment are clearly described as such.

🎨I'm sorry, but I cannot guarantee delivery dates for any reason, please keep in mind the estimated delivery date USPS gives on your tracking is an estimate only, and mail delays are always a possibility. Please make sure to place your order well before the date you need it by!

🎨Allow your colors to dry after using to prevent mold, (a slightly tacky texture is fine) and store them in a cool dry place out of reach of children or animals.

🎨Do not expose your paints to extreme conditions, avoid harsh heat or cold.

🎨Please use proper safety procedures when using your paints, do not eat or drink while painting and wash your hands after. These colors are not meant to be ingested or used on the body. Do not leave within reach of children or animals.

🎨Most pigments I use are considered non-toxic or of low toxicity, but some art pigments are toxic and should be handled with caution. Most have no known safety hazards in watercolor form when used as directed, but as art pigments are often not subjected to the same testing standards as edible dyes or cosmetic ingredients, should nevertheless should always be used appropriately and with proper safety precautions.

🎨Those pigments considered toxic will have that information available in the listing details. Do not use my paints if you have an allergy to clove oil, honey, gum arabic, glycerin, or the listed pigment.

🎨Please remember to read my policies before placing your order. By placing an order, you agree to abide by my shop's policies. Shipping normally takes place within Two weeks, depending on the item. please ensure your shipping address is correct before confirming your purchase. Returns, cancellations, or exchanges are not accepted, but if there is an issue with your order please contact me so I can help you.

🎨All photos shown are for illustrative purposes only. Any accessories shown are for display only, and are not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Love this set!!!

I am really enjoying this set! The colors are bright and vibrant! A joy to paint with 🎨🖌️

Nick N

The colors are my favorite. They pop like you wouldn't believe on my rocks.

Taiga H

Gorgeous set, and all the colors you need

Deanne H

Excellent Customer Service. Item as described. These watercolors are outstanding! I will definitely buy from this Seller again.

Sherry L Behrends B

This review has no content.

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